quarta-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2012

Speak dirty to me

She wears sexy underwear
And speaks dirty to me
I handle her roughly
Like a rag doll
I bend her to my will
I grope at her breasts
Toy with her nipples
My fingers first probe
Then penetrate her hot wetness
And revel in her response
Then she begs me to enter
And as I do I feel her shudder
Such burning passion
Consumes us both
As we are lost in the baseness of the act
Filthy words spill from her lips
As we exorcized our lust
Then sweet ecstasy
In the moment
Of our passions culmination

by Paul Curtis
photography by an unknown author

2 comentários:

Marta disse...

Sweet moments...
Sweet passion....
Loved and filled with joy...
Enjoyed it...

Pedro M disse...

My dear Marta

Sweet moments... sweet tastes...