terça-feira, 22 de dezembro de 2015

Your Christmas present

Para todas as minhas leitoras, com o meu desejo de que tenham um Feliz Natal!!

Um beijo
Pedro M.

I know this is a little early
But I just could not wait
to give you your present honey
At least I won’t be late.

I am just letting you know that...

You will find me on Christmas morning,
tied up under your Christmas tree
Around my throat is a red satin bow with a note saying...
"Merry Christmas, to you from me"

My hands tied behind my back
with a ribbon green and red
My whole body is exposed for you to see
not covered by a single thread.

Nipple clamps joined by chain
attached to my nipples so hard
Pull them, pinch them and suck them...
You know with me honey, there are no holds barred!

Please take me as you will
Untie me or leave me tied,
the choice is yours honey
My thighs will be spreading for you... wide.

All your other toys will be pushed aside,
as you lay and play with me
I will light your Christmas dawn
I will be the tinsel on your tree

My sparkle will illuminate your eyes
and warm your soul so deep within
Please fill me with your Christmas cheer,
let your joy and merriment begin

Oh, oh, oh—away you go
Soaring high on your wave of pleasure
This Christmas will be your best one yet
No other, in comparison will measure.

I hope you have been extremely good this year, so Santa cums!

by Hotvixen069
photography by unknown author

quinta-feira, 10 de dezembro de 2015


Entreabro as minhas
no início dos teus beijos

imagino as tuas
guiadas pelo desejo

oiço baixo o teu
calado pelos meus dentes

imagino a tua boca
sobre o meu ventre

por Maria Teresa Horta
fotografia de autor desconhecido