quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

11 kisses

A todas as minhas leitoras com votos de Boas Festas, um pequeno poema lembrando as delícias das suaves manhãs entre lençóis, nestes frios dias de Natal.

One kiss
On my cheek
Tell me softly
"You make me weak"

Two kisses
On my chin
Touch me gently
Make me grin

Three kisses
Around my ear
Whisper to me
"I want you here"

Four kisses
Down my neck
Hold me close
I catch my breath

Five kisses
On my breast
Your fingers play
Their sweet caress

Six kisses
Down my side
Tell me "hold still"
And I abide

Seven kisses
My pants slide down
Your hands move
My hips are found

Eight kisses
Kiss those lips
Traced & joined
By fingertips

Nine kisses
Between my thighs
Lips & tongue
They make me sigh

Ten kisses
I'm over-the-top
I press you in
"Oh please, don't stop"

One last kiss
I am complete
Thank you, thank you
I pant, I breathe

by Stevie
photography by Simon Bolz

2 comentários:

Marta disse...

Why not a thousand???
Feliz 2012....
1000 Beijos

Pedro M disse...

My dear Marta

It is always a question of repeating and repeating and repeating and...

1000 kisses