sexta-feira, 25 de maio de 2012

Tough girl

By day...
I'm the Tough Girl
Independent, strong,
and in charge of it all

By night...
No more Tough Girl
I become all yours
Bend me, strap me
Put me down on all fours

No more Tough Girl
I'm down on my knees
Push, grabbed and gripped
Any way that you please

I'm not ashamed
I like when you're tough
You push the line
And I'll tell you "too rough"

I'm in your hands
Moaning and shaking
You're in control
I'm yours for the taking

More than twisted
My sweet submission
Tell me the rules
"Assume the position!"

Hold me tighter
Your power I feel
Hold me harder
I enjoy our sick deal

Perverse turn ons
Obsessed with these games.
By day,
I'm the Tough Girl
By night,
I'm your slave.

by Stevie
photography of an unknown author

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