segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2015

Sex in the rain

Touch me
Grasp me
Squeeze my body
All up on me
Boy just warm me
Chase the cold
Bring the pleasure
Soaked in pain
Let's make heat
Let's make fire
Let's make love in the rain
As you hold me
Take it slowly
Boy just fold me
Deeply drill me
Pass the water for that oil
Treat my body like your coil
In these conditions
For positions
In this weather
Just for pleasure
Boy go harder
Trust again
Make me beg
Make me moan
Make me scream
Sex in the rain
Boy fuck me harder
Fuck me faster
Just go deeper
My drill master
From behind just grab my ass
We'll sex until we fog that glass
Take my breath as you give it to me
Make me shiver as you roughly screw me
As you roughly do me
Have your fun
And I'll have mine as my waters run
All down your dick
Pull it out
I'll take a lick
And then just force it in again
We'll go all night
Sex in the rain

by Dedra B
photography of unknown author

4 comentários:

Nádia Santos disse...

Delicious! Kiss

Marta Vinhais disse...

Keep on screaming with pleasure....
Feeling the rain...

Pedro M disse...

My dear Nádia,

being us so far apart, I can only dream of feeling your water running down me. And when I have that dream I have to touch myself, and oh God, how hard I am!..


Pedro M disse...

My dear Marta

I dream of making you feel the rain pouring down on your naked skin! And listen toyou screaming of pleasure...