quarta-feira, 29 de julho de 2015

Away we waltz

And from this stage, passion looms from darkness,
enticing us closer and feeding our heat,
clawing at the fire that burns; bright and hard,
enraged and insane, lost and found.
Our bodies know what they want, know what they need,
can dance with a bliss and sway with a purpose,
as the room moulds our act, watches us join,
listens to our innocent pleasure begin.
Taste is the first sensation we explore,
heightened beyond a norm of sweetness,
taken past a distinction of salt and sour,
and driven towards a well of warmth and colour.
Touch that was before simple and necessary,
is now an art of desire and distinction,
searching out every tiny little nerve,
and sparking chain reactions that shiver hard.
Sight pumps blood hard, fast and wet,
we know that the time is here and now,
one opens wide, one thrusts in deep,
and then, away we waltz.

by AbsintheAngelDust
photography by unknown author

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