sexta-feira, 3 de julho de 2015

Work day

Will you..
Let me have you
On the floor
By the front door.
You're dressed so nice
For another day
At the office.

Let me untuck
That crisp shirt.
Put my hands
On your skin,
Run my nails
Up your chest
Down your back.

Let me unbutton
Those work pants
Pull them down,
Land on my knees
To stroke you
With my mouth

Will you..
Let me suck
Your length
To full attention,
Receive this pleasure
My full intention.

Let me rise up,
Turn and bend
At my hips,
Lift my skirt
over my bare ass,
Ready, wet and easy
For you.

Will you..
Let me be filled,
By you.
I'll brace myself
On the armchair
As you pump and
Grind into me.

Let me moan for it,
Ride on you
Return the thrusts
Rubbing my clit
Til I spill
My lust,
All over you.

Will you?

by Looloolookie
photography of unknown author

2 comentários:

Marta Vinhais disse...

Do let me feel and hear me moan... Feel the skin touch and burn me...
Over and over again...

Pedro M disse...

My dear Marta
What an exciting and sweet work day it would be :-)