segunda-feira, 2 de janeiro de 2017


With each warming word,
each lusty sighing breath
you draw my milky fluid forth
tissue swelling swollen sweet
lotus bud bursts to blooming
wetness wild drenching
inner thighs sex slipping
against one another
engorged with red love
squirming delirious discomfort
the best kind of torture…
so take me home with you
tease me hard till I come
heaving heavy hot breaths
watching you privately perform
show me your thick pulsing heat
fill me with it hard and deep
let my rosy gates welcome
you in with warm wet embrace
over and over, over and over
dehydrated by climactic end
thirsty for hydration, I beg
drip drops of quenching water
in my gaping mouth if I behave
then show me exactly what
to do to you once more
to please your soul with mine
to make me parched again

by Emily Clapper
photography of Stanislav Blagenkov

2 comentários:

Marta Vinhais disse...

And that's desire... Free, hot and wanted....
Teasing over and over again... and then...pleased and complete...

Pedro M disse...

mmm... Marta...
I close my eyes and i imagine you...
thirsty... moaning... panting... pleased...