segunda-feira, 17 de fevereiro de 2014

Red Stilettos

I'm in front of your door
let me in
I'm wearing your favorites heels
a kiss on my neck
a kiss on my breast
a glass of wine please,
that will be nice
open legs on the sofa
pussy trimmed and tight
just what you like,
put some music
fire candle light
somebody is happy to see me
mean hard wood
here come and look
ass up in my red stilettos

by BlueRoseLiz
photography by unknown author

6 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

I'd love to see you
I miss you!!


Marta Vinhais disse...

Red...the colour of passion???
Candles and music, the perfect set...

Pedro M disse...

My dear L.

I miss you too. Hope we can meet again soon :-)


Pedro M disse...

mmm... Marta...

just choose the place and the music... and we will let the passion go free

Red is also the colour of heat...

Hot kisses

Marta Vinhais disse...

Heat, passion, everything is connected and leads to pleasure...
And being seduced in the candle light....? What else can be said

Pedro M disse...

My dear Marta...

just let you go...